Expert Guitar Repair & Maintenance

Ron Inspects an acoustic guitar
  • Berkshire Guitars offers expert repair & maintenance on all stringed instruments.  We are Augusta’s warranty center for Fender (Gold-level certified), Gibson (A+ certification), Martin, and Taylor. Whether you want to maintain your instrument’s quality and sound or enhance the performance and feel of your favorite guitar, we’re the place to come. We will handle your guitar with personal and professional care ensuring any work we do is second to none. 

    Got a question about your guitar and instrument repair? We offer in-person consultation on all guitar repair projects. Bring your guitar to the shop Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30pm and Saturdays 11-4 to let us take a look!

  • Vintage Restoration

    We love classic and vintage guitars! It is a life long pursuit of ours to work on quality instruments and ensure their continued playability and maintain their sound quality throughout the instrument’s useful lif
  • Custom Guitars

    Berkshire Guitars builds guitars to nearly any specification for our customers, for reasonable prices, in our shop in the heart of Downtown Augusta, Georgia. We offer unlimited finish options, authentic exotic wood, and we can set up one-of-a-kind electronics for your guitars. Contact us today to start your custom build.

Five Reasons to maintain and repair that favorite guitar:

  1. To help maintain its value and worth
  2. Enhance and improve the guitar’s sound quality
  3. A broken headstock or dead pick-up is no reason to throw a favorite guitar away
  4. Extends your guitar’s life expectancy
  5. Saves you money

Repair Projects

Our luthier Andrew, a Fender Gold and Gibson A+ certified expert, can rejuvenate your instrument and bring back its stage-worthy glory.  We have repaired broken headstocks, smashed tops, and more, fully restoring guitars to beautiful instruments once more.

1960's Gibson Headstock Repair

This 1960’s Gibson acoustic had an old repair to a broken headstock that was done incorrectly. We re-repaired the headstock and maintained the vintage look of the instrument with a seamless repair.

1970's Les Paul Finish Restoration

This is a 1970 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe that had been refinished poorly by a previous owner. It came to us with its original gold paint stripped off and its hardware spray painted. The original Gibson logo had also been replaced improperly. We restored its original good looks and spruced up the Gibson logo inlay a bit.