Guitars for Sale

We offer a line of one-of-a-kind Berkshire Guitars Originals, electric and acoustic guitars. Made out of the highest quality materials, these guitars are affordably priced and will not be found anywhere else. Click below to see our guitars that are currently available for sale.

Custom Shop

Have an idea for an instrument you want to bring to life? We offer full custom guitar builds from the ground up. Contact us today to start your custom project. Click below to see a sample of Berkshire Guitar custom instruments we have built in the past.

  • BerkshireSFC _close
  • surferrelicbody
  • thinlinebody
  • moonsofsaturnheadstock
  • Thinlinelegend_close
  • moonsofsaturnneck
  • FLseriesclose2
  • ramblerbody
  • johnbunnSFC52b0baab01a25.jpg
  • hollowbodyMAIN
  • jetflyerbody
  • Les Paul lookalike for Randy Baggs
  • Seymour Duncan Pickups, Bigsby B5 Tremolo, and Schaller Tuneomatic Bridge
  • Bassline Active Pickups by Seymore Duncan
  • ajcustomclose2
  • drivecasterclose
  • The Jagstache
  • jbthumbnail